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Ricky Gervais: Humanity on Netflix

Humanity? Eh, not a big fan.

In his first stand up special in seven years, Ricky Gervais slings his trademark snark at celebrity, mortality and a society that takes everything personally.

Gervais previously posted on his blog: ‘I filmed the show during my three-week residency at the Eventim Apollo in London and Netflix have bought the resulting 75-minute special. It’s my favourite, and I believe best, stand-up tour ever.’

The brand new stand-up special by Ricky Gervais premieres 13 March on Netflix.


‘I want to call myself a stand-up now,’ Gervais said. ‘I don’t want to call myself a comedian or writer-director.

‘That’s why it’s been seven years [since his previous stand-up tour], because I always thought that it was the third string to my bow. And it got put back, more important things came along, a sitcom or a film …’

But now, he says, ‘nothing’s more important to me’ than live comedy.

‘There’s nothing like it … even if you get your own way on a sitcom or a film, I have to wait for the money and wait for the casting, say when it’s going out.

‘Whereas, I’ll say “I’m playing that town, I want to go to that town, I’m playing it tomorrow, here’s the tickets”. And you can say what you want, it’s such a privilege. And I’m so up on freedom of speech now, more than I’ve ever been.’

He predicts: ‘It’ll go on Netflix and everyone will complain about their thing. There’s 20 things that I talk about and there’ll be 20 different groups that will pick up on their thing in that 20. I don’t know what to do really, you’ve just got to keep fighting the good fight.’



If you’re a fan of Ricky Gervais then you’ll love his movie David Brent: Life on the road which is also on Netflix. For more information see the link below.

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