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Comedy Web Series: Tween Fest

We all love to binge on the next big comedy series or re-watch a classic show like The Office but there is also some brilliant short form online comedy out there.

A good web series can be a breath of fresh air that doesn’t take much commitment with bite sized episodes. Today we are going to focus on the comedy web series Tween Fest. 

When a clueless single dad organises a giant youth entertainment festival in the middle of the desert, he has to keep the world’s biggest social media stars from self-destructing and ruining the festival.

Tween Fest is a satirical type comedy that focuses on minor internet celebrity Maddisyn Crawford (Joey King). She gained her fame from popping pimples on YouTube and tries to make it big by becoming a singer.

Her father, played by the reliably funny John Michael Higgins (Christopher Guest films, Pitch Perfect), sets up the titular festival in the hope of advancing his daughter’s career. Writers Nick Ciarelli and Brad Evans round out the supporting characters with targets that are specific and relevant. A Venmo celebrity touts a book detailing her transactions, a Humans of New York-type figure attempts to place audience members in a Shame Sack and the world’s greatest Family Guy impressionist even makes an appearance.




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