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Binge Watch The Modest Adventures of David O’Doherty

This week we have picked a hilarious throwback from David O’Doherty for you to binge. 

The Modest Adventures of David O’Doherty first aired on RTE back in 2007 but now all six episodes are available on YouTube for you to watch.

Each episode we follow David O’Doherty as he goes on a mission: not a major, life-altering, hold-a-mirror-up-to-society sort of quest, but a much more modest adventure. One that in the general scheme of things could seem a bit trivial, but is of enormous importance to David O’Doherty.

Whereas most reality shows pick a big story and deal with it in a broad brushstrokes way, this one concentrates on the minor details of a much smaller one. This is where the comedy lies, in the tiny details: the discussion of what crisps to buy for the audience at the gig in his flat, two best friends interviewing each other for a job both of them know is tediously boring, the joy of finding your neighbours have invested in wireless internet and haven’t put a security password on it.

In this series, David decides to release a single in order to reach 27 in the pop charts, tries his hand at some unusual jobs in order to pay the rent and makes a film, a period piece, called ‘Why Shackleton Really Went to the Antarctic’.

In episode one, David decides to get fit, culminating in a one-day cycle from Dublin to Galway for a gig.





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