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50 Years Of The Smothers Brothers

It’s been 50 years since The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour first premiered on CBS Feb. 5, 1967.

Tom and Dick Smothers are a comedy duo who are known for their sibling rivalry comedy and folk songs. In 1967 their show premiered following the ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ with Ed introducing them as”typical American kids, average in every way.

The show ran for three seasons with their comedy revovling around issues such as government, politics and religion. They had a lot of trouble getting permission to air their jokes and sketches. During their battle with censorship they made fun of their CBS bosses and censors on live tv. Eventually they were so controversial they were kicked off CBS.

Their was a brilliant comedic team behind the show. Scripts and sketches were written by Steve Martin, Mason Williams, Allan Blye, Rob Reiner, Lorenzo Music (“Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “Bob Newhart Show”) Saul Ilson (“Billy Crystal Comedy Hour”), Stan Burns (“Carol Burnett Show”), Bob Einsten (“Super Dave Osborne”) and David Steinberg. Martin and Einstein and others periodically would appear on air, in addition to crazy sidekicks Leigh French (“Share a Little Tea with Goldie”) and Paulsen.


Watch their 20 year reunion which originally aired in February, 1988. The show featured past guest Steve Martin, Glen Campbell, John Hartford, Leigh French, Bob Einstein, Mason Williams, Pat Paulsen and Jennifer Warnes.




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