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Watch The Snapper on TV Tonight, We Insist!

The Snapper is a favourite amongst a whole lot of Irish people.

It’s the ultimate feel good movie and deservedly has received an impressive 97% rating on IMDB. It probably lost the 3% on people who couldn’t understand the Irish accent. This charming film is both touching and hilarious. It features a top class Irish cast including the likes of Colm Meaney Ruth McCabe and Tina Kellegher.



Roddy Doyle adapted his novel for this comedy/drama about an independent young Irishwoman, unmarried and pregnant, who refuses to tell her family and friends the identity of her baby’s father. This gem was directed by Stephen Frears.

Catch it tonight RTÉ 1 tonight at 9.35pm.

Along with the above some of our favourite quotes include:

Dessie Curley: “How do you know he was Spanish? Or a sailor? He could’ve been a Pakistani postman if you were that drunk!”
Dessie Curley: “Get out of me way ye dozy bollix”
 Lester: “Your a great little ride Sharon”




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