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TV Series: Why Does Everyone Hate The English? 

New research discovers what Irish people really think of the English.

New research conducted in time for the third episode of the new HISTORY® TV series, Al Murray: Why Does Everyone Hate The English? (premieres on 22nd October at 9pm), has revealed that Brexit is one of the main reasons why Irish people hate the English.

More than four in ten Irish people (42%) said the English vote to leave the EU was a reason to dislike them, as UK politicians continue to struggle to find a solution to the issue of a potential border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The poll of 700 Irish people revealed the thing they hate most about the English more than Brexit is football hooliganism (44%). The next two reasons are that English people think they are the best at everything, and arrogance, which is perhaps unsurprising given the long and volatile relationship between England and Ireland.


The programme discusses the shared history between the countries and covers more than 700 years, from Oliver Cromwell through to The Troubles, and the concerns at the prospect of Brexit. The episode also explores the lighter side of Anglo-Irish relations, as Al and Andrew try their hand (or feet) at Irish dancing, and visit The National Leprechaun Museum in Dublin.

English people correctly predicted that Brexit and football hooliganism would be in the top five when asked what other nationalities might hate about them (1,200 English people were polled separately). However arrogance didn’t even rank in the top 15 things that English people thought other countries hated about them. The top presumption was because they expect everyone else to speak English, followed by binge drinking in second.

One quarter (25%) of Irish people said they dislike the English, the same as the number of Welsh people (25%), similar to the amount of French people (26%), and considerably more than the 15% of Germans polled.

Just over a quarter of Irish people (27%) said they didn’t like that the English are generally quite proud of who they are, although 95% of Irish people said they were proud of their nationality.

On a more positive note, Irish people rated the great music England produces as one of the good things about the country, along with English people’s good sense of humour.

The research was commissioned by TV channel HISTORY® to mark the latest episode of new show Al Murray: Why Does Everyone Hate The English?, in which the comedian and history fanatic travels to  England’s nearest neighbours to try to find out why everyone seems to hate them so much.

In the third episode, which airs Monday at 9pm, Al is joined, in Ireland, by the hugely popular Dublin born comedian, Andrew Maxwell.  Al drives to meet Andrew in Dublin, knowing that Ireland could be his trickiest journey yet. Anglo-Irish relations have been frosty to say the least over the centuries, with England’s seventeenth century dictator, and “Lord Protector”, Oliver Cromwell featuring prominently in this trip.

The new series, Al Murray: Why Does Everyone Hate The English?, continues Mondays on HISTORY® at 9pm.


HISTORY® is on Sky 130 / Virgin 270 / BT 327 / TalkTalk 327.  The series will be made available on all catch up and on demand services. Online: www.HISTORY.co.uk Social: @HISTORYUK

Continuing run order:

  • Ireland (Andrew Maxwell)      Mon 22nd Oct at 9pm
  • Scotland (Fred MacAulay)     Mon 29th Oct at 9pm
  • Germany (Henning Wehn)     Mon 5th Nov at 9pm



  1. Football hooliganism
  2. Why they voted for Brexit
  3. They think they’re the best at everything
  4. Arrogance
  5. They’re obsessed with 1966 i.e. England winning the football World Cup
  6. Brits singing songs very loudly (and drunkenly!) in the streets
  7. They expect everyone else to speak English
  8. They are obsessed with the Royal family
  9. Binge drinking
  10. Rudeness
  11. Their obsession with football
  12. Their general ‘pomp’ when it comes to tennis and cricket
  13. Going on about the war
  14. The fact they seem to have no intention to learn any other language
  15. Beer bellies
  16. How much they moan
  17. Wearing socks with sandals
  18. Why people feel the need for orange fake tan in winter
  19. They complain a lot
  20. Their obsession with soap operas


  1. We expect everyone else to speak English
  2. Binge drinking
  3. Football hooliganism
  4. The fact we have no intention to learn any other language
  5. Why we voted for Brexit
  6. How England collapses every time it snows as if you didn’t realise it would happen every year
  7. We queue for everything
  8. Brits singing songs very loudly (and drunkenly!) in the streets
  9. Talking about the weather too much
  10. Our inability to cope with hot weather
  11. Beer bellies
  12. Obsessed with tea
  13. We complain a lot
  14. Unruly kids
  15. Saying ‘sorry’ too much
  16. How much we moan
  17. Arrogance
  18. We drive on the left
  19. Wearing socks with sandals
  20. Eat chips with everything



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