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Tig Notaro returns with a second season of “One Mississippi”

The critically acclaimed dramedy is returning for a second season. 

If you haven’t seen the show before One Mississippi is a dark comedy inspired by comedian Tig Notaro’s life. It follows Tig as she returns to her childhood home to deal with the unexpected death of her beloved mother. Struggling with her own health and relationship challenges, she decides to reconnect with her roots to heal and move forward.

It’s one of these rare shows where the lead character is gay but that is not the main focus of the show. “It’s deep South. (But) there’s nothing about the show that’s a cliché, it’s all very true to life. There’s no broad stroke. It’s not ‘the South,’ it’s not ‘lesbianism.’ It’s not a stylized tone. It’s very real.” stated the exec producer Kate Robin.

The second season is about moving forward in life, new beginnings, and finding love. As Tig, her stepfather and brother begin the next phases of their lives, she resumes her radio career. They will need to learn how to function as a family and adapt to living together in Mississippi.

One Mississippi premieres on September 18th.





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