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The Hardy Bucks Are Back!

A brand new series of Hardy Bucks starts this Thursday, March 22nd. 

Buzz, French toast and The Boo, Salmon, Cowboy are returning to our screens.  The Viper has a new business, an Ice Cream van. Eddie Durkan and his girlfriend are curious about the West Irish swinging scene. The rest of the lads invest in a new tech start-up called ‘The Virtual Pub’.


You can catch up on the entire box set for series 1-3 on RTE player now.



Hardy bucks “Appetite for the session” is a live theatrical show featuring the core cast members of Hardy bucks. A brutally honest yet hilarious portrayal of quiet life in rural county Mayo. The Bucks now in their mid-30’s need to come to grips with age, forcing them to reflect on their lifestyle choices, whilst delving into the importance of a lasting friendship.






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