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Satire about the Trump, Kushner and The Muslim Ban

Comedy Central satire ‘Mideast Minute‘ tackles everything from immigration to Jared Kushner.

Mideast Minute is written by and stars Pardis Parker. It originally started as a web series in 2007. Parker states: The original idea was to do a fake news show that tried to convince Middle Easterners that everything was OK in the Middle East. That was back in 2007, during the height of the war, when both the US government and certain media outlets were very conspicuously misreporting what the US was doing in the Middle East. It just seemed like something I needed and wanted to make fun of. Not our actions in the region so much as the way we were spinning them. That’s what was absurd to me.

The satirical news show debuted on Comedy Central in January and since then Trump has given them plenty of material to work with.  Parker plays the host Jamsheed Al-Jamsheedi

In this clip that premiered last week, news anchor Jamsheed Al-Jamsheedi lays out the case for why living in the U.S. isn’t as great as it sounds.

When asked by Mashable why did he choose satire Parker answered: Satire feels like a flashlight, I think. Helps us see the absurdity around us. And I’ve always turned to comedy to help explore serious or painful subject matter. Even going back as far as the first short film I wrote and directed, Afghan, which dealt with a real-life thing that happened during the racially charged period in the days after 9/11. That’s just what I go to. I process things through comedy. And for whatever reason, when people see it presented that way, in a comedic context, it makes it easier for them to engage in the conversation.







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