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New Army Comedy From The Creator Of Mrs Brown’s Boys

Brendan O’Carroll is trying something a bit different than the beloved Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Brendan O’Carroll is developing a comedy set amid peacekeeping forces in Lebanon. The show is being developed for the BBC and follows Irish army peacekeepers on active service in Lebanon in the 1980s.

Researching for the show O’Carroll spoke to some veterans and Irish Defence Forces have offered assistance.

‘I got a lovely letter from the Commandant who looks after press for the Irish army saying they would love to co-operate,’ O’Carroll told the Irish Sun.

‘I’m delighted because I want to portray the hardship these young men went through and what it was like for these volunteers being so far away from home.’

The BBC have not formally commissioned the comedy for a pilot yet. O’Carroll hopes to have an episode featuring famous Irish footballers.

He said: ‘I have this idea for an episode where there is a football tournament between all the peacekeeping troops from different countries in the Lebanon. Only the Irish smuggle in Robbie Keane and a few of the boys to play for the Irish army team.’

More than 400 Irish soldiers are currently serving as part of an Irish-Finnish battalion in the United Nations Interim Force.

‘If the Irish Defence Forces guys got fired on, they had to ring up HQ to find out if they could fire back. Sometimes HQ had to ring up Geneva in Switzerland to return fire,’ he said.

‘I’ve spoken to so many guys who were in the Lebanon and everyone of them had a funny story and I loved hearing them.’

It is being co-written with O’Carroll’s son Danny, who plays Buster, and will revolve around his shady character and friendship with Dermot, played by Paddy Houlihan.




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