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New Panti Bliss TV Show: Woman In The Making

Panti Bliss has become a household name now in Ireland so it’s only right that she gets her own TV show. Coming up to the referendum and since she has spoken out about gay rights and marriage equality. Rory O’Neill, the owner of Panti Bar and the real person behind drag queen Panti Bliss in turn became the face of the fight for marriage equality in Ireland. Since then she has spoken out for other countries including Australia where she was recently performing her show High Heels in Low Places.

The Queen Of Ireland has just sold the film and TV rights to her memoir ‘Woman in the Making’ to US- and UK-based prodco. Playground is a very successful company producing shows such as Wolf Hall and The Dresser. Producer Colin Callender is working on the memoir to make it into a scripted tv comedy.

Rory is currently in the middle of writing a screenplay that will be set in a Panti Bar. It will be a comedy drama that will draw on his experiences.

He said: “It is fictional-ish.

“It is a comedy drama. I will be Panti in it and draw on my vast back catalogue of embarrassing stories.

“The TV series is not actually about the book but they are locking all that stuff off so that no one else can use it.

““We are still working it all out… they are a big impressive company they have the money to say let’s just go and do it. It’s a new thing for me writing for TV. It’s exciting.”



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