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Idris Elba To Star In Netflix Comedy

Idris Elba and created and will star in Netflix comedy series Turn Up Charlie.

This will be a lighter role compared his previous work in Luther and the Marvel franchise. Idris will play longtime bachelor and struggling DJ called Charlie who receives one last shot at finding success. Doing this involves him becoming a manny to his famous best friends daughter who causes a lot of trouble.

Netflix has ordered 8 episodes of the series. The production begins in May.

Playing a DJ will be no hassle for Elba as he DJs himself. He started off DJ-ing for African wedding and still continues to DJ in clubs now.

Last year he DJed in London and New York and and performed in Ibiza at nightclub Pacha.

He is also due to play a string of sets this year, including at festivals in Dublin and London, as well as a show in Croatia.



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