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First Look At ‘Young Sheldon’ The Big Bang Spin Off


We get to see 9-year-old Sheldon in action!

A while back we announced that The Big Bang Theory were doing a spin-off show and all we knew was it would revolve around a younger Sheldon.  Now they have released a trailer and we know a lot more.

The cast includes Iain Armitage, Laurie Metcalf, Lance Barber, Raegan Revord and Montana Jordan. Jim Parsons will narrate as adult Sheldon, as well as serving as an executive producer.

The spin-off is a very different style to the original. They have scrapped the studio records and taken a single camera approach with no laugh track.

Fun fact the actor to play young Sheldon’s Mam Zoe Perry (Scandal) in the new show is the daughter of original Sheldon’s Mam Laurie Metcalf. In case you’re wondering how they got two actors that look so alike.

Also if you recognise the actor Iain Armitage who plays young Sheldon he played Ziggy, Shailene Woodley’s son in Big Little Lies.






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