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Facebook Prankster gets TV Show

Comedy Central has just ordered a prank show pilot from Internet star Ben Philips.

The prankster has over 8 million Facebook followers and nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers. He uploads videos of him pranking people on the streets or even more so his long-suffering brother Elliot. Some of the pranks include replacing his hair gel with super glue and putting Viagra in his powerade.

VINES – Ben Philips Welsh Superstar!

Ben Philips Blow Up will be a 22 minute pilot which will air on Comedy Central this spring.  The show will be similar to his other work where he will be playing pranks on Elliot and it will most likely  “backfire with hilarious consequences.”

Ben says: “I’m very excited to be working on this fantastic new project with Comedy Central. I can’t wait to show our amazing fans a different side to us all and, of course, put poor Elliot through even more hell – Sorry Bro!”

Louise Holmes from Comedy Central comments: “Ben is an ingenious prankster and we were keen to bring his world and all its well-loved characters like poor Elliot and Farmer Chris to the TV screen. He’s a huge star with a mass army of loyal followers – we are very excited to be working with him.”




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