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E4 comedy Drifters To End

The comedy ran for four seasons over three years. 

The show follows Meg, a recently graduated girl in her 20’s and her two friends. They live in a house together in Leeds struggling to find work and a decent boyfriend.

Drifters first aired back in October 2013 and the last episode of the fourth season went out in November 2016. The creator Jessica Knappett has just confirmed that it will not be returning any time soon.

This is through no choice of her own. Channel 4 have stated they could not commit to recommissioning Drifters for at least another two years.

Knappett spoke to Richard Herring on the topic on his podcast Leicester Square Theatre Podcast,

‘There’s no more Drifters. I would like to do some more but it’s very turbulent at Channel 4 at the moment apparently.

‘The people at Channel 4… they said they couldn’t make a decision about it until 2019, and I just think I haven’t got that amount of time to wait around.’

And she said that by then: ‘I just can’t see how I’m going to write about that period of my life any more, because I’ll be beyond it.’

Knappett admitted she felt ‘very conflicted’ about Drifters, saying: ‘I am very proud of it on the one hand, on the other hand I’m very aware it’s not a masterpiece.’

‘This was pure silliness. It was never going to change the world.’ But she lamented the way that comedy is ‘getting less silly’.

Here is the full podcast:

Alongside Knappett stars Lydia Rose Bewley and Lauren O’Rourke as Laura.



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