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Documentary Explores “Truly Tasteless Jokes” The Dirty Joke Book

Trailer for the upcoming documentary Tasteless about the infamous dirty joke book from the 80s “Truly Tasteless Jokes.”

If you are a comedy fan and were around in the 80’s or like to read older books you may have heard of Truly Tasteless Jokes. This was a dirty joke book written Blanche Knott in the 1980s.

The description of the book is ‘TRULY TASTELESS JOKES took America by storm and made it laugh at itself. It’s all in here, disgusting, repulsive, cruel, and just plain tasteless jokes and stories that will make you smile, laugh, or groan–and love every minute of it.’

Comedians Jeff Cerulli and Matt Ritter have decided to make a documentary surrounding the book. They discuss when they first discovered the book, its influence, and what they love about the book.  They speak with the likes of Dan Soder, Mark Normand, Christian Finnegan, Annie Lederman, and Jordan Carlos and discuss their memories of the book and how it affected them.

There is no release date yet for Tasteless but it’s expected summer 2018.




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