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Broad City is Back!

Abbi, Ilana and the rest of the crew are back with some of their biggest adventures yet when Broad City returns August 23.

The previous 3 seasons showed Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer getting up to everything and anything across New York City. It will be set in Winter which will help the mood since Glazer mentioned that this season would be “dark as fuck”. It won’t all be doom and gloom however, they will be leaving the Big Apple for a sunny Florida at some point in the series. There will also be an animated episode which we presume involves hallucinogenic drugs. Watch the trailer below:

Amongst this is the girls usual shenanigans where they taunt some abortion protesters, experiment sexually and get botox. If you watched the previous season they made it very clear that they were big supporters of Hilary Clinton. Jacobson and Glazer had even gone ahead and wrote the fourth season with Hilary winning in mind. So some changes had to be made and now they have to deal with Trump.

Watch the clip where the girls have a freakout-worthy run-in as Ilana prepares to leave Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters.

Guest stars this season include Ru Paul, Steve Buscemi, Wanda Sykes and Jane Curtin. Shania Twain also appears as a new member at Abbi’s gym.




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