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Bridget and Eamon are going over seas

People around the world are loving Irish comedy. 

Last year Mrs Brown’s Boys proved very successful around the world and just last week BBC3 picked up Stefanie Preissner’s Irish comedy-drama Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope. 

Next up to go abroad is RTE comedy series Bridget and Eamon. The 1980’s Irish comedy has been created by and starring Jennifer Zamparelli and Bernard O’Shea will be on the US streaming service Hulu. No strangers to Irish television Hulu previously bought gangland series Love/Hate.

 The trouble is, being based in rural Ireland people are having trouble understanding those strong country accents and our uniques phrases.

“I’ve been getting tweets from people saying, ‘I had to turn on the subtitles’.

“It’s amazing. We don’t care if they put it into a bottle and send it to America, we just want to get the introduction over there, it’s great. Look at Mrs Brown’s Boys and the success of that? So I think I kind of knew it could [do well outside Ireland].”

It isn’t just America though, the show has also been sold to the UK station Gold.

“We’re in an office and myself, Bernard and Jason are writing all the time or bouncing ideas around anyway, so we’re ready for the green light. We’ve other ideas on the go as well.”

Jennifer admits that she is sad that Republic of Telly has ended but understands that it was probably time.

“But it was probably the right time to move on. I don’t think it’s the end of Kevin McGahern or anybody who was on the show. It’s sad because it was a great place to go and The Rubberbandits, Damo and Ivor, and Bridget & Eamon all came from there.

“I think RTE will come up with another vehicle to harness new comedy talent. I learned so much on Republic Of Telly. I had no comedy background and went onto that show, working with the best writers, producers and stand-ups, so you pick up so much. It’s like a training ground,” she said.

“I hope RTE will come back with something better. Look at how well comedy is doing now.”




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