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Amy Huberman is Writing a new Comedy

She’s everywhere these days and isn’t leaving any time soon. 

One of our favourites, Amy Huberman has a new comedy series on the way and she’s also penning the screenplay.  “We got some funding for a comedy series so I’ll have to sit down and write that,” she told Ian Dempsey.

This won’t be the first of her works as she has already written two books. She has stated that she is planning to turn her second book I Wished For You into a series. “I’ve been writing a screenplay of the second book for a couple of years in between babies and acting jobs so that’s been a long process,” she said.

In 2016 Huberman played a starring role in Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope. The creator, Stefanie Preissner announced on the Late Late Show last week that a second season of the show is in the works.

At the moment Huberman is also playing a lead role in the new RTE drama Striking Out.

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