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A new interactive comedy series all about social awkwardness

That Moment When there is a new interactive series about social awkwardness.

Are you a fan of watching shows that have you cringing in your seat struggling to go through any embarrassment or social discomfort that’s occurring on screen? Think the office.

Read this article all about embracing the cringe on screen. 

The Moment When is a new video series that will make you uncomfortable, but to add to that uneasiness it forces you to participate. Eko is an interactive video startup that produced the show in partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment and production company Olive Bridge Entertainment.

The thing about the show Block said is that there are “no wrong answers”. The decisions you make do affect the way the show progresses but you are also aware of what the characters would have wanted you to answer. It is said while watching the show that “losing is just as much fun as winning.” and you can always go back, watch it again, change your answers and experience a whole new show.



One of the best things about it is that you can watch it anywhere for free. It’s released on the Eko website, where you can watch it right now. So far there is only two episodes out.
Check out episode one where Milana Vayntrub plays Jill, who forgets her friends name at a party.
In episode two where she has to deal with getting dumped in public.
Created and directed by Sandeep Parikh.

Two new episodes will go live every Tuesday for the next couple of weeks, and then the finale (episode seven) will be published on December 5.



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