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Are These Ireland’s Favourite Comedies?

Paula McSweeney on Today FM’s The Early Breakfast asked the people of Ireland a serious question. 

She had decided that most comedy films are actually rubbish and not at all funny. Her listeners disagreed with this and she asked them what is your favourite comedy?

There is a mix of comedies in the list below from old school nostalgia to the absolutely daft.


  • “Hi Paula – Hot Fuzz. Fast paced, witty and full of action!”


  • “Blazing Saddles!”


  • “Liar Liar, Dumb & Dumber, Ace Ventura (plus the sequel), Me, Myself & Irene. Yes I love Jim Carrey!” – D in Laois


  • “There’s Something About Mary – never gets old and just so funny”


  • “The Snapper, The Van, The Commitments – doesn’t get better than those Paula. Almost sick with nostalgia watching them!”

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  • “Step Brothers, Due Date and The Hangover – just the first one though as the second and third were rubbish!” – James, via Snapchat

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  • “Hi Paula! Great music this morning. If you’re looking for a great comedy check out Super Troopers – you’ll pee your pants!” Richie, Newbridge



  • “Hi Paula, I would try this British humour filled French comedy (quite the irony, by the way) called Rrrrrrrrrr….absolutely brilliant… cheers!” – Oana


  • “Paula, Gavin and Stacey!” – Pam, via Snapchat


  • Zoolander! Blue steel baby!”



  • “Paula I know you’re not into super hero films but Deadpool is HILARIOUS” – Darren, Snapchat



  • “Paula…Spinal Tap is one of the funniest things u will ever see…it’s a rockumentary!”


  • “The Moneypit with Tom Hanks is best comedy ever!” – Arthur from Monasterevin


  • Hi P, not just for kidsToy Story (all three) The Muppets and Elf!”


  • “Hi Paula Dude Where’s My Car is top of my list. The Chinese food drive through scene should have got an Oscar!”


  • “Wayne’s World Wayne’s World Party Time Excellent!”


  • “Best comedy? Still a toss-up between Life of Brian and the seriously excellent Blazing Saddles. Mind you, Spaceballs is also in the running, as is Airplane. Pleasure overload Paula – pleasure overload!” – Dave, Clondalkin


  • “Caddyshack. Class.” – Adam


  • “Two hilarious movies, Murder by Death & Monkey Business by Marx Bros!” – Eddie on the motorway to Cork to lecture on radio history


  • “Trying to force my 13 yr old son to enjoy the stuff I enjoyed when I was young. Mostly unsuccessful until we watched See No Evil Hear No Evil – pure class as you say down the country.” – Dave


  • “Hear No Evil See No Evil. Modern comedy is pure crap!”


  • “Groundhog day” – Sam in Clare


  • “Old school Hugh Grant – 4 weddings and a funeral. Love!”


  • “I think Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison are must sees.  Kids these days don’t realise Adam Sandler wasn’t always rubbish!”


  • “Hi Paula, Drop Dead Fred for me. Especially the oh cobwebs scene. Hilarious.” – Dave Longford


  • “A must-see comedy is Weekend at Bernies!” – Con heading home to Waterford from Dublin.



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