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Mr Bean Is Back! 豆先生回来了

The funny man is back ….. but only if you live in China!

It was over 10 years ago when Mr Bean’s Holiday was released and it made an impressive £2.4million in China. To celebrate this – and obviously to exploit the huge market – the producers of Rowan Atkinson’s timeless character have released a new movie with the grand title of Top Funny Comedian:The Movie – but only in China.  

Atkinson – who has recently gone through a very costly divorce after 24 years of marriage to Sunetra – turned up at the premiere in China in full character.

Of Mr Bean he  said: “He came back recently in China when I was over there to promote a comedy movie in which Mr Bean plays a small part and we do him in the animated thing, which is an easy thing to do because it’s just me in front of a microphone and I don’t have to get dressed up and dye my hair.  I think maybe his time is past but I still find him funny. I do like his natural-born anarchy, he’s a child trapped in a man’s body and it’s fun to be childish. I like Mr Bean, I would be happy to do him again.”

Mr Bean’s  mime-slapstick-style comedy is popular around the world because it breaks down any language barriers.

For a longer and deeper look at Rowan’s Mr Bean see here from the grintage vaults …

Rowan Atkinson talks about Mr Bean








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