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Handsome Devil Is Coming To Netflix

“If you spend your whole life being someone else, who is going to be you?”

Handsome Devil has become one of the best Irish movies of 2017. It has been compared to The Young Offenders as the best Irish comedy of the year. It follows the story of two teenage boys who share a dorm room in boarding school. The two lads are opposites, one a macho natural athlete in a sports mad school. The other, a music loving outcast. They form an unlikely friendship which doesn’t go down will with their peers.

Fionn O’Shea and Nicholas Galitzine play the lead roles. The rest of the cast include the best of Irish talent Moe Dunford, Amy Huberman, Ardal O’Hanlon and Andrew Scott.
This is the newest film from John Butler (The Stag) directs his own script for this feel good comedy drama. He stated:
“As a forty-something year old guy living in a metropolitan area and working in the arts I think it is very easy to see one’s own position and apply it incorrectly to young people. I think the battle is still being fought by every LGBT kid in the world; the world is a better place but it is not a great place and it is dis-improving I would imagine, in light of recent events…There’s still no out premiership rugby player, there’s no out premiership soccer placer which is insane and highly disproportionate. Those are not imagined barriers these people are facing.”
The Irish comedy will be available on Netflix from July 20th.





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