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First Look at Daddy’s Home 2 Trailer

The first official trailer for the Daddy’s Home sequel has just been released. 

Daddy’s Home 2 will see feature the original cast, reuniting Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. In the first movie back in 2015 Ferrell played new stepfather to Wahlberg’s kids. A situation they both struggled with fighting for the title of coolest Dad.

Judging by the trailer, if you liked the first movie then you’re guaranteed to like this one!

A long with the originals we will see Mel Gibson and John Lithgow join the cast. Will’s dad will be portrayed by Mel Gibson, while Marks’s father will be played by John Lithgow who play two very different roles.

The film sequel of “Daddy’s Home” is directed by Sean Anders, based on a script he co-wrote with John Morris. Linda Cardellini has returned to play Brad’s wife, Sara, while John Cena is back to play Roger, the dad of Dusty’s stepdaughter. Alessandra Ambrosio is also part of the expanded cast.





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