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‘Babysitting’ Remake Of Hit French Comedy

Babysitting was the most successful French comedy of 2014.

There is now an English-language remake of the hit comedy underway. The director of  The InBetweeners Iain Morris is set to direct it.

Here is the plot summary:

Looking for a baby-sitter for the night, Marc Schaudel entrusts his son Remy to the care of his employee Franck, a straight man. But the thing that Marc doesn’t know, is that Franck is getting 30 years old this weekend and that his son Remy is a very capricious child. The next day, Marc and his wife Claire are awakened by a call from the police. Remy and Franck are missing, and the house is totally devastated. The police finds a camera in the leftovers. Marc, Claire and the police start watching the video that has been recorded the day before during the night and find out what happened to Franck and Remy.

Here’s the original 2014 film’s French trailer (in English subtitles):

The new screenplay is being written by Peter Hoare. The English remake is being produced by Angry Films’ Don Murphy and Susan Montford and Moonriver’s Xavier Marchand with eOne financing and also producing. Cory Kaplan will co-produce.





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