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Larry Charles Dangerous World Of Comedy Coming To Netflix

Larry Charles’ Dangerous World Of Comedy Is Coming To Netflix.

The Dangerous World Of Comedy is a four-part series coming from the makers of controversial comedies Borat and Brüno.

Legendary comedy writer and director Larry Charles travels the world in search of humor in the most unusual, unexpected and dangerous places. He travels to Russia, China, India, Iran, Nigeria, Turkey and more speaking tothe unlikeliest of comedians.

The series is executive produced by Larry Charles and Joe Russo, Anthony Russo and Mike Larocca, under their Roam Pictures nonfiction label.

“‘I am grateful to Netflix for giving me the opportunity to tell this honest and harrowing and heartbreaking story of comedy in the face of war and violence and death,” Charles said. “Comedy as a tool of rebuilding, as an instrument of healing and as a weapon of truth. From Somalia to Iraq to right here in the United States, comedy is essential to our survival.”


It is set to premiere on Netflix February 15th.

A description of each episode of Larry Charles’ Dangerous World Of Comedy follows below.

Episode One

Larry Charles visits the war-ravaged countries of Iraq, still in the midst of a war, and Liberia, slowly recovering from one to find out from war survivors who have suffered painful personal loss, how they’ve used comedy as a healing tool for themselves and their societies. Then he speaks to a war survivor who is also a war criminal but still likes to laugh.

Episode Two

Larry speaks to veterans, wounded and traumatized by war, from Iraq, where we visit an Isis prisoner in jail, to Liberia where drug addicted former child soldiers perform comedy and live in abandoned cemeteries, to Somalia where he speaks to comedians who risk death by merely performing and learns of one comedian who was assassinated for his comedy to Los Angeles where Larry meets veterans who are transforming the horrors of their war experiences into comedy.

Episode Three

Larry explores issues of Race in comedy with African-American comedians, Native-American comedians, a comedian who also happens be an illegal alien, two alt.right racist comedians and gets some much-needed perspective from Trevor Noah.

Episode Four

Larry talks to female comedians in Saudi Arabia about their struggles and triumphs, then visits Nigeria to talk to both male and female comedians there about the rampant rape culture in Nigeria and how it permeates comedy.



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