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Senan Byrnes Top 100 Vines

“I am that guy who used to Vine.” “Vine is now dead. Now i make longer videos. I like coffee. I like tacos. I don’t do sport. I make videos with Fupin Eejits. I like Daim bars lately, but that could change as I’m very fickle.”   Check out his …

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Shortscreen: Fupin Eejits Gone Viral

Charlo Johnson’s documentary Gone Viral, which tells the story of two psychiatric nurses from Tipperary who have become online stars with their comedy sketches. The documentary  on The Fupin Eejits was produced last year aired on RTE 2 during the week. You can watch it back on RTE Player HERE. …

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WATCH – Arron Crascall’s Best Vines

One of the UK’s stand out weekly online Vine comedians is Arron Crascall.  Grintage are keen to see more of this from Irish creators / performers.  The premise is so simple – and successful. Arron is usually found sneaking up behind people in the supermarket or street with something off the …

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VINES – Ben Philips Welsh Superstar!

Ben Philips is 23 years old from Bridgend in Wales with a huge online fanbase –  over 1.2m subscribers on YouTube, 8.2 million Facebook likes and over 350 million views of his vines. And he appears live in Dublin next month! Ben’s videos involve pulling simple often hilarious pranks on people in his capital city of Cardiff. His unfortunate brother …

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