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WATCH: Jimmy Carr tells jokes!

Jimmy Carr, the hardest working man in comedy, is in a new show Telling Jokes! Here Jimmy is at his best unleashing his delightfully crafted one liners and putting down hecklers. It’s a masterclass in comedy as he takes his dry and sardonic wit to a whole new level. And …

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Alcohol and fun were invented at the same time — that’s just historical fact.  But just like good can’t exist without bad, the abuse of alcohol can’t really exist without hangovers. It makes you wonder what the first hangover was like? See here ‘the morning after’ as Jesus & Eve wake up together …

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VIDEO: Social Media Checkpoint Drama!

An Irish policeman stops a car and asks the driver for his Social Media details. But is he real or just an App? Credit – GiddyUpSkits We appreciate the great support of comedy video creators, writers and producers out there. Now grintage has a critical mass with viewers literally all over the …

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