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Do People Actually Drink Milk With Coke?

A conversation between colleagues has snowballed, and now hundreds of people are left wondering whether “milk Coke” really is a thing. He’s not the only one either. Thousands of people on Twitter have agreed with James and admitted they enjoy drinking coke with milk. He even got his sister to …

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Can you describe the 80s with just five words?

The 1980s were amazing but can you describe the entire decade with only five words? Courtesy of @BratPackTags on @HashtagRoundup people on Twitter used the hashtag #The80sIn5Word, to sum up, the 80s in just 5 words. Ranging from fashion to music and movies the answers are brilliant. While we might …

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Gordon Ramsay is a Twitter Troll

Do you know what Gordon Ramsay likes to do in his spare time? He likes to tell people that their cooking is crap on twitter! For the last few months the chef has taken to critiquing his twitter followers food. And he doesn’t hold back. It’s a unique way of …

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