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Soccer Mad? Monty Python Style

With all the various leagues and cups around the world hotting up who else can bring utter nonsense to the soccer pitch but those comedy kings Monty Python.  Here the Germans take on the Greeks in a totally bizarre cup final. Starring in the sketch are Archimedes (John Cleese), Socrates (Eric Idle), …

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Trailer: Italia ’90 Irish Short Film

Get ready for your nostalgia hit with A Nation Holds Its Breath. The World Cup Italia ’90 is one of the most talked about soccer tournaments in Irish history. If you didn’t experience it you’ve definitely heard the stories. A Nation Holds Its Breath is a short film documenting one great nail …

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BINGE WATCH – Euros 2016

We all enjoyed Ireland in France at the Euros in July 2016 … and not sure if the World Cup in Russia in 2018 has the same allure?  But we did post a few goodies …. Firstly if you don’t have a clue about soccer here is Emma’s guide to …

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The Guys and Gals at BCC Trolling are back this year with there best ‘FIFA 17 FAILS & FUNNY MOMENTS Compilation’ to date! Each year BCC Trolling does a footage call out worldwide asking their viewers to send in  saved FIFA funny and failed moments they have saved of their game play. Each year …

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STAND UP – Sinead Culbert & The Dundalk Accent

Dundalk FC have performed brilliantly in this summer’s Championship League. Sadly their journey has ended. Roll on the Europa League adventure! To get so far they had to visit European cities (latest was Warsaw) and of course their supporters have travelled too. For the European who has met the loyal fans from the North East of Ireland …

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