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A Fupin Eejit Or Jennifer Lopez?

Irish lad makes a decent attempt at that J-Lo look.  A few weeks ago Jennifer Lopez broke the internet by stepping out in what has now become known as Joots. These knee high boots that look like jeans. Versace designed this look and tweeted below: #JenniferLopez wearing a pair of …

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Senan Byrnes Top 100 Vines

“I am that guy who used to Vine.” “Vine is now dead. Now i make longer videos. I like coffee. I like tacos. I don’t do sport. I make videos with Fupin Eejits. I like Daim bars lately, but that could change as I’m very fickle.”   Check out his …

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Fupin Eejit squeezes into Pippa O’Connor’s jeans

If you are into Irish fashion you’ve probably heard of Pippa O’Connor’s Poco jean collection. She launched the line last year and shocked people with the price tag of €90. Well Senan Byrne, one-third of the Fupin Eejits decided to find out. He ‘received’ a parcel from Pippa herself this week. His …

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Podcast Pick: The Chaps Eye

Each week we are picking our favourite Podcast and today’s choice is The Chaps Eye Podcast.  We have mentioned The Chaps Eye a good bit before here on Grintage but mostly for their hilarious and wacky sketches. WATCH – Triggered!™ – Chaps Eye They began making podcasts back in 2015 …

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