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When is it ok to fart in a relationship?!

A taboo subject for early relationships the world over; ‘When exactly in a relationship is it considered ‘cool’ to break wind, fart, pass gas and does the guy need to be the one to break the ice in the relationship? A musical comedy sketch entitled: FIRE INSIDE: A Relationship Dilemma …

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WATCH: Every Irish couple planning a Wedding…

Irish YouTube channel Rorys Stories stars Rory himself and his ‘Missus’. The pair find themselves in every day ‘relationship issues’ and deal with them in a very typical ‘Irish Manner’! Do not attempt to adjust your device! The video contains low audio and video quality with explicit language. Credit – Rorys Stories …

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GAME: Message a Zombie on Tinder?

If you use the dating APP Tinder ever wonder what kind of person you might match with? Now you can find out – but as a special Halloween bonus you can also find out what Zombie is your perfect match based on your relationship choices. Have Fun!

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