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Burger King Tries To Trick Customers & Fails

If you watch the ad above you might not get it straight away. The video description is ‘The WHOPPER® sandwich has so many freshly prepared, delicious ingredients that we can’t list them all in just :15. Turn up the volume before playing.’ So if you were watching this on your …

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Extreme Peg Prank

We’ve heard of covering your housemates room in tinfoil or filling it with balloons but this brings pranking to a whole new level.  YouTuber Thatcher Joe has been trying to prank his ex house mate for a long time. He finally got the chance to sneak into his house while he …

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Neil Patrick Harris auditions for The Voice

Disguised as “Jurgen Vollmer,” the host of The Voice Austria, Niall Patrick Harris interviewed and auditioned for the judges of The Voice. This was part of his live entertainment show “Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris” which features hidden camera pranks last year. For one of the segments he managed …

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Facebook Prankster gets TV Show

Comedy Central has just ordered a prank show pilot from Internet star Ben Philips. The prankster has over 8 million Facebook followers and nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers. He uploads videos of him pranking people on the streets or even more so his long-suffering brother Elliot. Some of the pranks include replacing his hair gel …

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News: Obama Running For The 3rd Time

Lie Witness News is a feature on Jimmy Kimmel’s show where they take to the streets and tell people lies to see there reaction. For the week that’s in it they decided to tell these innocent people of America that Obama has decided to run for a third term and …

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