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WATCH: Karen’s Addiction Support Group!

Watch as an odd bunch of people suffering from some very peculiar issues like: uncontrollably always telling porkys (lies)’ or ‘Always needing to 1 up people at any cost’. Sit down and open up about these issues and look for support and encouragement through Karen’s Addiction Support Group! 🙂 Credit …

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Watch fast rising Dublin based comedian DAMIAN CLARK at the Comedy Crunch in Dublin brilliantly describing the many ways the Irish say the word ‘Hello’!  With the help of some clever illustrations to punch up the story it’s both a pleasure to hear and watch the comedy stylings of this Australian born …

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WATCH: Drug Dealer in a Toilet

This new sketch takes us into a drug bust scenario in the mens toilets. We’ve all been there right? Most people already know its not wise to trust a drug dealer never mind one dealing out of a toilet stall … but just maybe this cop is part of the ‘Special” …

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