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Tour De Pharmacy Pokes Fun at Pro Cycling

A mockumentary that chronicles the prevalence of doping in the world of professional cycling. “Literally hundreds of dollars are on the line. Stakes are medium” The HBO movie directed by Andy Samberg pokes fun at the pro cycling world and it’s issues with doping. It features an impressive cast with …

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David Brent is Coming To Netflix

Directed, written by, and starring Ricky Gervais, David Brent: Life on the Road is coming to Netflix. This is a feature length film which sees a documentary crew catching up with David Brent twelve years on from the mockumentary ‘The Office’. Brent is now a travelling salesman, chasing his dream of rock …

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U2: The Early Years Feat. Ben Stiller

The world’s biggest band U2 is touring all over the world later this year so its only fitting we take a look back at the early years when the band started out!  Thanks to Bono painting a rather vivid picture that shouldn’t be too difficult at all. Ben Stiller plays …

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Mockumentary: First Day of Work.

Award winning documentary which follows two Irish guys, who start work in the same town on the same day – one in a cider brewing factory, the other multi tasks. But that’s where the similarities end…. Subscribe: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqPCmzf-mfYId3ePFNIaIPA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FupinEejits/

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Politician Fintan McCormac’s – Campaign Diaries

Ever wonder about the heroic and hard working day of a local politician? Follow this Mockumentary comedy series about ambitious politico Fintan McCormac from Dublin! Credit Windup Merchantz In Part One above a camera crew follows McCormac around during the race for the upcoming election. Watch as he gets down with the community and knocks …

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NETFLIX: Reno 911!

Reno 911! is an American comedy television series on Comedy Central, A mockumentary-style parody of law enforcement documentary The Comedy series which ran from 2003 to 2009 shows, specifically Cops, with comic actors playing the police officers. Most of the material is improvised, using a broad outline, and with minimal scripted …

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