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TV NEWS: RTE 2’s Bridget & Eamon

IFTA winner ‘Bridget and Eamon‘ is back with a  new series filled with anger, resentment and endless chain smoking all with a touch of 80s dry wit! A typical unhappily married 80’s Irish couple (played by Jennifer Maguire & Bernard O’Shea), they live somewhere in the Midlands with their indeterminate number …

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Rank The Top 15 Internet Memes of All-Time!

So many Memes in life but too little time to read em all! But as always Grintage got you covered! Below is the internet’s most popular hilarious Memes money just can’t buy! Now you can have your say and vote which is your favourite! We’ll publish the Top 5 as …

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Watch: Best Horror Movie Bloopers

Nearing Halloween season lets remind ourselves that even movie stars don’t always come across scary? Here they ‘murder’ and mess up their lines sometimes under pressure of deadlines. Get some flare in your scare this Halloween as these horror movie bloopers are a real treat! That’s the trick anyway … Credit – FilmIsNow Movie Bloopers & Extras

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Honest Trailer: Ghostbusters

For the Halloween season fast approaching, the unforgiving and often very correct Honest Trailer have chosen Ghostbusters reboot as their latest target “Who you gonna call, not these ghostbusters”! With over a million dislikes on the movies trailer on YouTube before the movie even came out it was pretty clear right …

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WATCH: Does Shanghai Do Comedy?

Grintage attempts to bring a sense of what is happening comedy wise across the globe. Ever wonder what a Comedy Festival in Shanghai would look like?  No neither have we until now. Would it be sketches or maybe stand-up possibly some classic improv? The Shanghai AEMI International Comedy Festival was held recently …

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