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WATCH: Deirdre O’Kane & PMT

Award winning Irish actress DEIRDRE O’KANE is back on stage performing live comedy and packing venues out nationwide. Go see her! Here she is in top form talking about her experience with PMT. And it’s not pretty! Filmed live in Vicar Street as part of RTE Two’s stand up series Liffey …

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WATCH: Irish People Explain Irish Insults

Do you understand Irish slang word? ‘Scratcher’? ...’Scarlet’?! ….  ‘Dead On’?  YouTube channel Huong Hieu have taken to Dublin streets to ask the Irish people that very question and many more!  And for a peek here’s our Guide to Irish Slang phrases: Credit – huong Hieu

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Clisare: The Power Of Positive Thinking #Sketchmas

Unfortunately life can’t always be filled with jokes and laughter. And remember trying so hard to have ‘happy’ Xmas often brings out the ‘sad’ in some people.  @Clisare who in the past has presented Grintage sketches has a message for people who meet someone who ‘might not be feeling all to great …

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WATCH: Jimmy Carr tells jokes!

Jimmy Carr, the hardest working man in comedy, is in a new show Telling Jokes! Here Jimmy is at his best unleashing his delightfully crafted one liners and putting down hecklers. It’s a masterclass in comedy as he takes his dry and sardonic wit to a whole new level. And …

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WATCH: Jimmy Carr & His Most Offensive Jokes

The Green Room with Paul Provenza was a talk show hosted by … (you’ve guessed it) Paul Provenza.  Each show featured a different panel of guests who sat around chatting about comedy. The show ran for two seasons from 2010 to 2011 and on the last ever episode the panel was …

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