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Simpsons Jokes You Didn’t Get As A Kid

Have you ever noticed these subtle jokes on The Simpsons? When The Simpsons came out it was the first cartoon of it’s kind. It looked like all the other cartoons so parents just assumed it was for kids. At this time there was no adult cartoons or Family Guy, South …

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WATCH: Christmas Dinner with TV Show ‘Bottom’

Watch the hilarious comedy antics from Richie and Eddie in BBC show ‘Bottom’ as they invite guests to celebrate Christmas and dine with them. In this slapstick world, what could possibly go wrong… Sadly Rik Mayall (Richie) died of a heart attack in 2014 and his long partner in comedy Adrian …

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WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Hurling Insults!

Sparks are flying between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt as they promote their new movie Passengers. No more so than in BBC Radio 1’s “Playground Insults!” Appearing recently on the hilarious audio roasting show, Lawrence and Pratt had to throw insults at one another with the ultimate goal of making each other laugh. “The sillier …

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