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VIDEO: Have you TINDERitis?

There’s just no denying Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world right now. Millions of daily active users judge people’s appearance by simply swiping left for ‘Not Interested’ and right for ‘Interested’. There’s nothing shallow about that surely?! Then when a ‘user’gets a match with someone who …

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The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date

“The Girl Who’s Never Been On A Nice Date” Instagram series from Quinta B. Quinta B is a YouTube and social media sensation who is best known as the girl who has never been on a nice date in the ‘He Got Money’ series which she uploaded in snippets on …

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WATCH – New Disease That’s Infecting Our Youth

Its something that’s been quickly spreading across the globe especially with teens and even adults are being spotted performing this dreaded act right on our doorstops. It needs to end or someone will get seriously hurt! THE SELFIE!! The sketch was created by The Wall Of Comedy a Brand New UK comedy …

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WATCH – Arron Crascall’s Best Vines

One of the UK’s stand out weekly online Vine comedians is Arron Crascall.  Grintage are keen to see more of this from Irish creators / performers.  The premise is so simple – and successful. Arron is usually found sneaking up behind people in the supermarket or street with something off the …

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WATCH: Snap Chat Comedian gets bored

What happens when a Snap Chat Comedian gets bored? US comedian Jacob Keim is a keen snapper and he provides the answer by creating scary, funny, strange characters using face clone masks Snap Chat has to offer! You can follow Jacob on Snapchat @ jacob-keim or if you prefer Instagram try @ jacobkeim97. …

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VIDEO: Social Media Checkpoint Drama!

An Irish policeman stops a car and asks the driver for his Social Media details. But is he real or just an App? Credit – GiddyUpSkits We appreciate the great support of comedy video creators, writers and producers out there. Now grintage has a critical mass with viewers literally all over the …

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