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Could You Live With The Hangover?

Sketch group Chaps Eye make a very valid point about drinking too much.  Check out their website and learn about DRINK!! http://www.drinkaware.ie http://www.dare2bdrinkaware.ie The context for those who are too young to remember: http://youtu.be/xtJqw–DGl8 Follow Chaps Eye on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chapseyecomedy/?fref=ts

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WATCH: The Horrors of Hungover Travelling

After a long night of drinking your favourite alcoholic beverage or in most cases several beverage especially wit the revolution in the local brew and distillery’s popping up across Ireland its no wonder a hangover epidemic is sweeping the nation!! One of peoples least favourite ways to ever spend a …

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Alcohol and fun were invented at the same time — that’s just historical fact.  But just like good can’t exist without bad, the abuse of alcohol can’t really exist without hangovers. It makes you wonder what the first hangover was like? See here ‘the morning after’ as Jesus & Eve wake up together …

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