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Burger King Tries To Trick Customers & Fails

If you watch the ad above you might not get it straight away. The video description is ‘The WHOPPER® sandwich has so many freshly prepared, delicious ingredients that we can’t list them all in just :15. Turn up the volume before playing.’ So if you were watching this on your …

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Want Fun at Work? ‘Improv Asylum’ now in Ireland

Improv Asylum are a comedy company from Boston who set up an office in Dublin in 2014 to promote the power of ‘improvisation’ in the work-place.  They have set up learn-by-doing programs that companies can use to train their staff how to be more creative while working with others. “Our slogan is that …

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Classic Comedy: From Noon Till Three

Sometimes Grintage likes to dig up some classic comedy either from our vast archive vault or just post material that deserves the spotlight – decades later in this case! After all we couldn’t have spelt Grintage without a little Vintage! This 1975 classic starts off with bank robber Graham Dorsey (Charles …

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VIDEO: What if Google was a Guy?

Have you ever wondered what if Google was male? The everyday guy in an ordinary office?  No not us either …. but the guys and gals at College Humour decided to make just that video. You just walk into his office and say what you want to search no matter …

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