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WATCH: EVERY “I’m Irish” line from the movies

YouTube Channel Coponfilms have compiled a collection of famous movie clips from various movie characters from all walks of life claiming to be green blooded and using the words ”I’m Irish”!! For an odd reason in most scenes in the jump-cut style video are alcohol related situations…A surprising odd coincidence i’m sure! …

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WATCH: 10 Famous Movie Quotes in Irish

Why not put not only your movie knowledge but your Gaeilge (Irish) to the test too! Noel Aungier presents 10 famous movie quotes…in Irish! Learn more important Gaeilge phrases with Pronunciation and Meaning: 1. Is fearr Gaeilge briste, ná Béarla clíste. Iss faar Gay-el-geh brish-teh naw Bay-er-lah clish-teh Broken Irish is …

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Cartoon Characters need Coffee!

Have a look how a Smurf, a Simpson or Sponge Bob looks like without their early morning fix of caffeine. It’s a good but weird laughachino! Australian illustrator and graphic designer Samuel Milham has created hilarious illustrations of some of our favourite cartoon characters before they’ve had their morning coffee. The series initially started as …

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