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Is This The End Of Facts YouTube Channel?

With over 1.3 million subscribers Facts is one of  Ireland’s most popular Youtube Channels. Facts. is an Irish brand based in Dublin, Ireland. On their website this is how they describe themselves: We create short, entertaining videos for YouTube and Facebook with a focus on reacting to unusual foods, videos …

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Celebrate Canada Day with a Laugh!

July 1st is Canada Day so lets mark the occasion by watching Irish people examine the Canadians …… and vice versa! Hope your name’s not Shove-awn! … and we wonder how all our Irish expats our coping over there! Warning: Any Canadians trying to watch this lad might struggle.  

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No.1 Watch – Irish people tasting US foods

Facts is an Irish you tube channel releasing a series of videos basically using the same format whereby ‘testers’ test things.  Have a look at Irish people tasting American Snacks such as Twinkies, Kool aid, Tootsie rolls, Jolly ranchers and more! So far it has notched up 4,664,325 views.  Grintage are keen …

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