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WATCH: Christmas Dinner with TV Show ‘Bottom’

Watch the hilarious comedy antics from Richie and Eddie in BBC show ‘Bottom’ as they invite guests to celebrate Christmas and dine with them. In this slapstick world, what could possibly go wrong… Sadly Rik Mayall (Richie) died of a heart attack in 2014 and his long partner in comedy Adrian …

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Exes Play Truth or Drink

It gets awkward, brutal and emotional. I don’t know why you would, but if you’d like to play this with your ex here is the list of questions below: Questions: Did you ever cheat on me? If you did, why did you? What did your friends and parents think of …

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Literal Drinks

I am NEVER drinking again. Featuring Chris ‘Crabstickz’ Kendall: http://youtube.com/crabstickz Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (http://youtube.com/tomska) Co-Written by Eddie Bowley (http://youtube.com/eddache) Cinematography and Colour Grading by Ciaran O’Brien (http://twitter.com/ciaranobrien) Music by Tom Barnes (http://www.tombarnesmusic.com) Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (http://danpugsley.co.uk) Edited by Jack Howard (http://youtube.com/jackhoward) Visual Effects by Michael …

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VIDEO – Pingu is Irish!

This is how an Irish Pingu would sound! iRadio presenters Garry Curran and Simon Murdoch gave Pingu an Irish makeover and it’s literally very corny! But who left the phone off the hook!!   If you have found any re-voiced animations or foreign shorts send to share@grintageireland.com 

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