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WATCH: Guess what these Japanese bathing signs mean?

The Japanese recently introduced quirky cartoon signs for foreign visitors to popular public baths. And UK online channel Destination Tips tried to explain them as best the could – ‘cos if you don’t speak English, the signs themselves are pure nonsense! Go on have a guess … Credit – Destination Tips

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Best Fails Worldwide Compilation 2016

The world is often a very funny place and a camera is usually ready to film every moment! Here’s the classic Irish fail caught on camera from the good folks at RTE – don’t forget to mind your step this coming winter or face being caught slipping away for a pint! FailCity have …

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Politician Fintan McCormac’s – Campaign Diaries

Ever wonder about the heroic and hard working day of a local politician? Follow this Mockumentary comedy series about ambitious politico Fintan McCormac from Dublin! Credit Windup Merchantz In Part One above a camera crew follows McCormac around during the race for the upcoming election. Watch as he gets down with the community and knocks …

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