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A Lesson on Improv Technique, with Chris Gethard

American actor, comedian, and writer Chris Gethard discusses the importance of learning improv technique. Chris is known for The Dictator (2012), Don’t Think Twice (2016) and The Other Guys (2010) and more! Many of the skills that make for good improvisational comedy also make for successful behaviour in life: slow down, listen, be positive, and have integrity. Take …

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The Best App Out There For Comedy Writers

Pitch is the worlds best (only?) comedy writing app. Anyone can read jokes, but writers must be invited. ‘Pitch’ is a comedy writing app ideally for freelancers. It’s like a digital room where comedy writers could collaborate and work together. It launched last July at Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal and …

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Where to Find Visual Comedy

This is a great 10 minute video analysing Jacques Tati, a master of visual comedy. It explains how the simplest things can be the funniest with intelligent use of props, sound and observation. If you watch a lot of film essays, then you’ve probably heard the complaint that visual comedy is …

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What Key & Peele Teach Us About Comedy

Wisecrack have deconstructed what makes Key and Peele’s sketches so funny. Comedy creators will find some inspiration here, particularly in the idea of looking for humour in everyday human behaviour, and how to translate that into great comedy. If you’ve never heard of Key & Peele then are you even …

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Comedy Tip: How Louis CK Tells A Joke

The Nerdwriter is a weekly video essay series that puts ideas to work. In this episode he talks us through the technique in which Louis CK creates and performs his jokes. The video goes through one of his jokes about monopoly beat by beat and explores how the comedian constructs …

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