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VINTAGE: Spike Milligan’s Irish Astronauts

A Classic sketch from the late great Spike Milligan, who is often referred to as the Godfather of British alternative comedy! Pioneered revolutionary radio comedy with the creation of The Goon Show and went on to be a major influence on Monty Python’s Flying Circus with his innovative “Q” series. …

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WATCH: Michael McIntyre on How People Spell Names

UK superstar comedian Michael McIntyre is the master at talking about the small things in life and sharing it with audiences with a hugely successful and popular comedy twist.  Hear how Michaels latest ‘gripe’ is directed at names that can be spelt multiple ways. Feeling its such a odd unnecessary waste of your life, …

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WATCH – Arron Crascall’s Best Vines

One of the UK’s stand out weekly online Vine comedians is Arron Crascall.  Grintage are keen to see more of this from Irish creators / performers.  The premise is so simple – and successful. Arron is usually found sneaking up behind people in the supermarket or street with something off the …

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TV News: Stephen Merchant to host Crystal Maze

The Crystal Maze was one of the most celebrated British TV game shows of all time. Rocky Horror maestro Richard O’Brien was a very striking unique and strange host for the original four seasons. Richard enjoyed playing the harmonica and randomly bringing up information about his ‘Mummy’ during the most crucial moments …

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WATCH: When ALI G came to Northern Ireland

Who can forget Sasha Baron Cohan‘s first break through character? It was your stereotypical White British Suburban Male who imitates rap culture. Mix him up with An Urban British Guy to create a comedic mash up – the one and only Ali G! Once upon a time Ali G made it across the pond to visit …

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WATCH: Rainer Hersch Orchestra Play Apple Ringtones LIVE

The Rainer Hersch Orkestra performed classic iPhone ringtones to recreate a melody in itself. Watch as the merry troubadors performing ringtones on The Underground platforms and the tube with his merry band of tech inspired orcastratrc musicians! British stand-up comedian Rainer Hersch has performed on every comedy stage in the UK …

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