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Watch: Brexit Divorce – Foil, Arms and Hog

A very accurate and hilarious representation of Brexit at the moment.  Foil Arms and Hog: We’re an Irish sketch comedy group based out of Dublin Ireland. We upload a new video every Thursday and we also perform live shows or brand new material created just for stage. If you’d like …

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BINGE – Top Brexit Posts of 2016

2016 has been a hectic year and one of the things that definitely caused a stir was the Brexit vote in the summer. We tried to see the funny side of it so here are some of the top grintage articles covering Brexit including our No.1 post of 2016 – …

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GIG NEWS: Jonathan Pie Live

Jonathan Pie is a spoof British TV newsreader created by comedian Tom Walker.  He reports on every sort of political problem in an angry and honest manner. His anger is more so directed at journalist and news reporters and their lack of honest opinion. His video is a breath of …

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Video – See Clisare’s Brexit Rant

CLISARE aka Clare Cullen lets rip on Britain’s vote to leave the EU with insightful clips and serious argument – she feels sorry for small businesses, buys new rugby boots and makes an argument for an United Ireland …. Warning – some strong language and F words used e.g. Farage…

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