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Larry Charles Dangerous World Of Comedy Coming To Netflix

Larry Charles’ Dangerous World Of Comedy Is Coming To Netflix. The Dangerous World Of Comedy is a four-part series coming from the makers of controversial comedies Borat and Brüno. Legendary comedy writer and director Larry Charles travels the world in search of humor in the most unusual, unexpected and dangerous places. He travels to Russia, China, India, Iran, Nigeria, Turkey and more speaking …

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Borat Is Canvassing For Donald Trump

Of course, Borat is a Trump supporter… Sacha Baron Cohen’s friend Borat goes door-to-door in a nice LA neighbourhood to talk to people about American politics and swing the midterms for Trump on election day. He said: “Russia interfere with the presidential election. But now, all eyes are on them. …

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NEWS – Sacha Baron Cohen’s next Comedy Film

Sacha Baron Cohen is known for making crazy and controversial comedies but can you predict what his next one will be about? The actor has already played a dictator, Ali-G, a Kazakh journalist and exploring America and a flamboyant Austrian fashionista. They aren’t the most predictable or safest of roles. …

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