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Pronouncing Irish names as they are spelt

Gary Lyons recorded himself pronouncing Irish names as they are spelt and it has gone viral! The comedian has a Facebook page Lyonsey’s Den that has nearly 48k likes. He post’s videos that are very relatable to us Irish such as things to do in the countryside, how to play hurling and …

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WATCH: 15 Different Irish Accents in 5mins!

Not the full shebang of counties but 15 Irish Accents will do! From Traveller to Cork, Offaly,Galway, Dundalk, Kerry to Dublin (nth and sth side) very impressive! And Richie also wears clothes to match each accent! Beware the accents are taken from foul mouthed characters! So LANGUAGE WARNING etc You can …

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Texas or Kerry? Would you swap your accent?

The weird but true story of a Texas woman who woke up from surgery with a British accent has been all over the news this week. After having surgery to fix an ‘overbite’ jaw problem Lisa has been diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome.  The news story reminded us of this …

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Celebrate Canada Day with a Laugh!

July 1st is Canada Day so lets mark the occasion by watching Irish people examine the Canadians …… and vice versa! Hope your name’s not Shove-awn! … and we wonder how all our Irish expats our coping over there! Warning: Any Canadians trying to watch this lad might struggle.  

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